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SMKR: Sh*t My Kids Ruined went live in March 2010, providing a light-hearted online forum for parents to laugh and commiserate about child-rearing mishaps in a slightly irreverent way. The site struck a deep chord and funny bone among parents of all races, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. SMKR grew exponentially with over 30MM page-views to date and was chosen as one of’s Best Blogs of the year. Our popular pet companion site, Sh*t My Pets Ruined was launched simultaneously. A new, all-encompassing parent entertainment site is set to launch on March 4th, the 2-year anniversary of SMKR.  This platform will incorporate SMKR and SMPR, while offering more diverse content, fresh voices and more diverse ways  for our community and sponsors to interact and participate.

A family of sites celebrating your family’s ruined sh*t.

and coming soon…